Why Bpe? Enterprise Challenge

The Enterprise Challenge is now over having raised £1,600!

Congratulations to Team Kelly's Eye who won the Challenge, raising an incredible £700!

Congratulations to Team Rainmakers who won the 'Most Innovative Idea' award with their wishing well!


Winston's Wish Enterprise Challenge, May - July 2019


The Enterprise Challenge will test your entrepreneurial prowess!

We will give your team a seed fund of £50 and you need to turn this into as much money as you can.

The seed fund could be used to host an event or buy materials to create something to sell.
At the end of the challenge you return the seed fund, along with the money you have raised and then join us at 'The Winstons' to celebrate (prizes for the best idea and the most money raised!). 

We're hoping each team will at least double their seed fund - #doubleitforWW

For more information, you can download our flyer

Why take part?

  • It's the perfect way to unleash your inner entrepreneur and raise money at the same time
  • Satisfy your competitive streak
  • Have fun and support a fantastic charity!

Dates for your diary

Pledge deadline:   5th July

The Winstons:      10th July

How to enter

1) Click here to download your entry form and here to get your 'We're In' poster

2) Email your completed form to bpe@bpe.co.uk along with a picture or video of your team holding the 'We're In' poster


For any questions about the challenge, please email us at bpe@bpe.co.uk or call us on 01242 248290