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Real Ambition

We understand that choosing which law firm you want to train with is one of the biggest decisions of your career - the places you work, the experience and skills that you gain, and the people you work with can open up countless opportunities.

Our teams provide an exciting and stimulating training environment with a very 'hands-on' approach. We guarantee your training will be wide-ranging, intensive and well balanced.

But it's not all work and no play. We make the most of any opportunity to get together and have fun!

Life as a Trainee

What better way to find out what it's like as a BPE graduate trainee, than straight from the horse's mouth?

The Trainee Package

While all firms offer a trainee package, ours is simply brilliant.

  • Career Progression

    Many of our trainees have stayed with BPE and have progressed to Solicitor level and further. We also encourage staff development and training. We want you to be the best you can be, and will help you in any way we can.

  • Competitive Salary

    We offer a competitive salary with other firms in the county and beyond

  • Flexible Work Hours

    If you need to come in late or leave early, talk to us. We know life isn't always 9 to 5. Team leaders and HR are always there to find a way to make things work for you and for BPE

  • Collaborative Approach

    Staff are encouraged to collaborate and to work together.

  • Ongoing Support

    Being in an open plan office means you'll be working around Partners, Associates and support staff. Your colleagues' knowledge and experience is at your disposal

  • Vibrant Community

    We encourage trainees to live locally to get the full BPE experience and to immerse themselves in Cheltenham. It's not only the place where you'll work, many of our trainees live here so you'll be able to enjoy the social aspects of being a trainee too

  • Training

    We encourage trainees to attend training courses throughout their time at BPE regardless of which seat they're currently working in

  • Team Days Out

    We want the people you work with to be more than colleagues. Your team could have an activity day, visit a gin distillery or simply go to the pub for board games and good food

The Trainee Application and Onboarding Process

The trainee application process has five stages. That's five times for you to impress us, and for us to impress you. We want people who will embrace and personify the BPE brand. If you think this is you, complete our training contract application and wait to hear from us.

  1. Training Contract Application

    You've looked at our website. You like what BPE can offer and you think you can offer BPE something different. Then fill in our application form.

  2. Open day

    We liked what we read in your application form so now you're invited to our open day. This is a chance for you to meet Amanda (HR), Philip (Training Principal), as well as our current trainees. The open day is similar to an assessment centre. You'll be asked to work in groups to solve problems and you may have to make a presentation.

  3. Interview

    You made a good impression with your application form and you stood out at the open day so you're invited to interview. This is a more formal day than our open day. Here you will have to complete verbal reasoning tests and will be interviewed for a trainee position. Although more formal, we still want to know who you are. We want to see that you will be BPE.

  4. Keep in Touch

    You've been offered your training contract and you've accepted but communication doesn't stop there. We will send out regular newsletters to you, keeping you up to date with the current trainee's progress and what we've been up to. We want you to feel part of BPE before you start with us so you can hit the ground running

  5. Trainee at BPE

    Your two year training contract starts here. Make the most of it and embrace it. Ask questions, get to know your colleagues and learn how to be a solicitor for a commercial law firm.

  6. Qualified as a Solicitor

    You did it! After two years and four seat changes, you've qualified as a solicitor. Now the hard work really begins.

  7. Completion

Heard enough?

Register your interest in our programme and maybe your career will flourish at BPE! Submit your application form to our HR Manager, Amanda Coleman by emailing

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