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InsightsPosts From December 2012

Living Together Agreements

The New Year may bring with it exciting new plans, maybe you’ve decided to move in with your partner. From a legal perspective the myth of the ‘common law spouse’ is still prevalent. Many people mistakenly believe that simply living together can give you the same rights as marriage. Others believe that by having a child together they automatically acquire legal rights, whether married or not. They are mistaken.

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Success at the Employment Appeal Tribunal - Trade Union Blacklisting

By way of background, during March 2010, the Employment Relations Act 1999 (Blacklists) Regulations 2010 came into force and introduced a new offence of "Blacklisting" Trade Union members and activists. This legislation was prompted by the Information Commissioner seizing a database a year earlier, which contained details of the Trade Union activities for over 3,000 workers in the construction industry (a list had been used by over 40 different companies as a way of vetting potential staff!).

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Employee Death Benefits

When reviewing your Will you might become aware of a death-in-service scheme in place with your employers which could provide you with valuable life insurance cover in the event of your death.

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The Chancellor's Autumn Statement

On 5 December 2012 the Chancellor, George Osborne, delivered his Autumn Statement responding to economic forecasts published by the Office for Budget Responsibility.

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