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My Perfect Sunday: John Brückel From Construction Logistics Services

  • I've been involved with the construction sector since: I've been involved with the construction sector since 1994. My first job was for a developer in Cheltenham employed as a buyer/surveyor. After few years I moved into main contracting working for various sized companies for a period of 10 years. Since 2005 I have worked in a commercial consultant role with the UK’s leading food retailers, housing associations and commercial developers.
  • The best thing about my job is: Being able to streamline process, ensuring that risks and opportunities on projects are tabled, understood and successfully designed and managed out to completion.
  • The worst thing about my job is: Sometimes having to search for that penny to balance being distracted from finding the more important pounds.
  • The first album I ever bought was: Shakin Stevens- Let’s Boogie.
  • My favourite holiday was: This year in Alpe d’huez teaching my son to parallel ski followed by a successful last day down all of the red runs. Looking forward more so to next year’s black runs.
  • My favourite bar/restaurant in Gloucestershire is: Green Dragon - Cowley
  • Make mine a (e.g., pint of real ale/rum and coke): Guinness or Gin and Tonic Super Sonic
  • My perfect Sunday would be: Up and out early taking my son Joseff to tag Rugby for Stroud U8’s then back home to warm up with a Sunday lunch. Walk the dogs in the woods with the family followed with a few bottles of red with my partner, Kate, and friends.

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