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My Pefect Sunday: Phil Cavanagh from HMG

I've been involved with the engineering sector since:
In truth since around 1982 when the ZX Specturm was launched (and I was 13), professionally it’s been my living since I graduated back in 1991.

The best thing about my job:
An even split between the amazing people I get to work with and exposure to the latest technologies from around the world.

The worst thing about my job:
Paperwork :-)

The first album I ever bought:
Iron Maiden (Iron Maiden) 1980

My favourite holiday:
Always the next one I'm about to go on, currently looking forward to cycling around Iceland this summer (then diving in the Canaries)

My favourite bar/restaurant in Gloucestershire:
The Clothiers Arms in Stroud, one of the first pubs I went into around Gloucestershire over 20 years ago. Great beer, food and people.

Make mine a (e.g., pint of real ale/G&T):
When in Rome, so it would be a pint of Organic from Stroud Brewery first off (I’m also into my American IPA's at the moment), after that a good single malt from the western isles.

My perfect Sunday would be:
Up early for an Old Spot sausage sandwich then onto the Stroud and District Clay Club for a 100 bird straight. Pick up the family on the way to the pub for lunch and a couple of pints. Gym in the afternoon, nothing too strenuous for a Sunday: light cardio then yoga followed by a long steam and soak in the spa. Home again for tea with family and friends, late evening outside, whiskey, cigar.... bed.

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