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Private Wealth

Work. Home. Life. Finding the balance.

Our Private Wealth team does what it says: it looks after the personal affairs of private individuals, many of whom have already got to know us through our services to protect the legal aspects of their business.

Our Private Wealth team offers a range of services such as wills and probate, tax planning, conveyancing, divorce and separation advice, inheritance planning and asset protection amongst others.

The Corporate Wills and BPE at Work packages are designed to meet the needs of business owners, and look at future-proofing your business interests and the interests of your employees – one of your biggest assets.

Corporate Wills are very much as they sound – most people are aware that they should keep a personal will up to date and such a document will be invaluable should the worst happen. What many people don’t consider however, is the impact of a business owner dying or becoming incapacitated through illness. Many people assume that their business will act as their retirement fund, but unexpected events may scupper such plans. Corporate Wills work to protect both the individual and the business to ensure that unforeseen circumstances don’t inhibit retirement plans.

Through the process of review, succession planning, and implementation, your interests and the future of your business will be safeguarded.

While the Corporate Wills service looks after you and the future of your business, the BPE At Work scheme looks after your employees and provides them with discounted pricing on a range of legal matters.

With recent studies showing that benefits and discounted services can be extremely influential on staff loyalty, thereby avoiding all the costs associated with a high turnover of staff, keeping your employees happy and instilling a sense of worth in your staff has never been more important.

BPE At Work offers assistance with wills, probate, tax and conveyancing, as well as the unplanned eventualities relating to family life, including divorce and separation, child living arrangements and access, and both pre and post nuptial agreements. 

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