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How to Choose a Family Lawyer - Questions to ask in the first interview

Family law is personal in its very nature, and the best family lawyers will provide you with the personalised and tailored service you need to get through life’s challenging times. We are sensitive to and aware of this at BPE, and are always happy to assist clients to reach the best outcome possible, and to make the process of resolving family disputes that little bit easier.

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Dinner & debate

Photo for Dinner & debate

BPE Solicitors held their annual State of the Economy dinner at The Painswick Hotel on 11th May where business leaders expressed 'cautious optimism' for the future

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How to avoid Indirect Discrimination in the workplace

Employment tribunal claims involving direct discrimination are a rare occurrence as it is often easy to identify when an employer is deliberately discriminating against a protected group. Because of this employers rarely commit direct discrimination. However, claims involving indirect discrimination are more common as indirect discrimination is normally harder to identify. A recent Supreme Court case has however clarified the test to prove indirect discrimination and highlighted how easily an employer can do something innocently and still be found to be indirectly discriminatory.

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