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Commercial Solicitor joins The Vegan Society’s International Rights Network

Sarah Dent, a Commercial Solicitor at Top 200 law firm BPE Solicitors, has joined The Vegan Society’s International Rights Network (IRN). The IRN is a network of lawyers and academics whose shared objective is to gain international legal recognition of veganism.

Founded in 2012, the IRN is the leading authority on veganism in law, encouraging its members to raise awareness of how vegans can be recognised in international and European law and equality legislation.

Since becoming vegan in 2016, Sarah is passionate about ensuring the law protects vegan consumers and has a particular interest in product labelling and food regulation issues. As a member of the IRN, Sarah contributed to the Vegan Society’s recent campaign for the provision of free plant milk in nurseries and schools. Sarah will also be contributing to an academic textbook on veganism in law, along with other members of the IRN, which is due to be published at the end of 2020.

On joining the IRN, Sarah says that “I am delighted to be a part of the IRN and to help contribute to important legal and policy issues. I hope that the popularity of veganism will continue to grow and that a legal definition of ‘vegan’ is created, as this will bring some much-needed clarity for both consumers and businesses”. 

Sarah has previously written on the subject of veganism and you can find her article on labelling vegan food HERE.

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