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Construction & Engineering

Court of Appeal declares that the fall in property prices in 2008 was "reasonably foreseeable"

John Grimes Partnership Limited -v- Gubbins [2013] EWCA Civ 37. In a decision that has shocked construction lawyers, the Court of Appeal has recently ruled that a developer is entitled to recover from a consulting engineer who caused delay to a residential development, losses relating to the drop in value of the houses which were completed after, rather than before, the 2008 property crash.

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Living Together Agreements

The New Year may bring with it exciting new plans, maybe you’ve decided to move in with your partner. From a legal perspective the myth of the ‘common law spouse’ is still prevalent. Many people mistakenly believe that simply living together can give you the same rights as marriage. Others believe that by having a child together they automatically acquire legal rights, whether married or not. They are mistaken.

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