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Success at the Employment Appeal Tribunal - Trade Union Blacklisting

By way of background, during March 2010, the Employment Relations Act 1999 (Blacklists) Regulations 2010 came into force and introduced a new offence of "Blacklisting" Trade Union members and activists. This legislation was prompted by the Information Commissioner seizing a database a year earlier, which contained details of the Trade Union activities for over 3,000 workers in the construction industry (a list had been used by over 40 different companies as a way of vetting potential staff!).

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The importance of choosing your brand name carefully

A recent local news story has served to highlight the importance a name has in brand strategy. Nationwide gym chain "The Gym" is shortly to open in Gloucester in direct competition with local Gloucester fitness centre "The Gym". Confused? If you are, you are almost certainly not alone.

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When entering into a new relationship there are protective measures potential cohabitees and spouses can take to safeguard their assets. Our next newsletter will look at ‘Living Together Agreements’ and appropriate advice for those looking to live together but not enter into marriage. So when entering into marriage what can you do to safeguard your existing assets? It's generally understood that prenuptial agreements are not binding at English law but that does not mean to say they will be an important factor to be taken into account should the marriage break down.

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