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Privacy Policy: Do your terms & conditions turn off consumers?

Protection of personal data has never been considered the "sexiest" of subjects. Even as an enthusiastic commercial lawyer, I have to admit that the topic of data protection would be more likely to send your guests running for the hills than to stimulate conversation at a dinner party (although I’ve yet to try it). And in this fast-paced culture where almost anything can be purchased at a click of a button (but only if it can be delivered yesterday), do people even know what a privacy policy is, let alone take the time to read these statements and consider what may happen to their personal data? Surprisingly for many, a recent report from research group Forrester seems to indicate that the answer is yes.

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Your survival guide to living together

The Supreme Court gave judgment in Jones v Kernott in November 2011 which could affect the two million or so couples who live together in the UK. Many of them own property together but if they split up, their rights are limited.

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