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We’re all going on a summer holiday - But not if our airline goes bust.

Although the weather would have you believe otherwise, summer is only a hop, skip and a Jubilee weekend away (where has the time gone?). Thousands of people will soon be escaping the rainy streets of Britain for more exotic locations, some of those lucky people will have already fished out their suitcases, bought their holiday wardrobe and are currently checking the weather forecasts. But the economic climate has seen many companies crumble and fall, and even some of our most beloved high street brands are now only a distant memory.

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Stringfellows' Lap Dancer Wins Landmark Employment Case

Tribunal decisions often given fascinating insights into different workplaces and industries, as well as points of law, such is the case of the latest EAT decision which finds that a lapdancer in Stringfellows was, in fact, an employee - not a self employed contractor. The Claimant, 29 year-old Nadine Quashie, worked on a rota, was paid using pre-paid "Heavenly Money" vouchers by clients and worked on a basis that was understood in the industry to be self employed. Whilst all cases turn on their own facts, the challenge to the industry norm will not just impact this industry, but others where the "self employed" may actually be employees.

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Garden Centres - The Experts in Retail Experience?

With the rising temperatures of recent days Spring is definitely upon us. Attention turns to our gardens and trips to the local garden centre begin in earnest. Indeed Easter weekend, is probably the most critical time of year for garden centre operators around the country -whether that weekend is fine or miserable has a huge impact of footfall and resulting spend.

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Free protection against property fraud for buy-to-let landlords

Do you own a residential property that you do not intend to live in yourself? If you do, you may not have realised that you are at an increased risk of being a victim of property fraud. An example of such fraud might be where somebody purports to sell or mortgage your property and then pockets the cash

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