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Construction & Engineering

Construction & Engineering Newsletter February 2014

Construction & Engineering Newsletter February 2014 Well the year has continued at a flying pace for the team, reflecting the positive news of growth for the sector as a whole. As readers will know, it was reported just last week that the PMI rose to 64.6 in January, which was the strongest reading since August 2007. The glut of new instructions for project and development work certainly tells us that our clients are very much part of this growth. We would love to hear your stories. Don’t forget to tweet us (@bpeconstruction) as we would be delighted to share your successes with our followers (which have now topped the 700 mark).

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Who needs Mr Motivator?

Research has shown that motivated employees are more productive. But when all that is left of Christmas is bad weather, an empty wallet and tighter trousers, it’s hard to stay motivated. When you are also responsible for keeping your employees incentivised, it can be even more difficult. Motivating your workforce, however, does not necessarily mean walking around in multi-coloured spandex, spouting aspirational maxims, or ordering everyone to do press-ups at 7:00am, though that did work for Mr Motivator.

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Dismissal on the grounds of ill-health

We are advising increasingly on employees going off on long term sick. Helpfully, a recent Scottish case (BS v Dundee City Council) highlights the issues that an employer should take into account when dealing with an employee on long-term sick absence.

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