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Sleeping on the job: Are workers who ‘sleep in’ at their work place entitled to minimum wage for those hours spent sleeping?

In this article Will Carter considers the recent Court of Appeal decision which considers the case of Royal Mencap Society v Tomlinson-Blake. This case involved the question of whether workers were entitled to be paid minimum wage for ‘sleep in’ roles in which they were required to be present at work, or close by to work, whilst they were asleep

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Construction & Engineering

‘What goes on behind closed doors…’

One of the great strengths behind mediation, whether conducted before the issue of proceedings or after, is that it allows the parties to have frank discussions about their dispute. The law protects the secrecy of those discussions by two methods. Firstly, confidentiality principles. Secondly, without prejudice privilege. This article is an explanation of both, with an explanation of those exceptions which may allow the courts behind those ‘closed doors’.

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