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Construction & Engineering

The similarity between building works and dogs

It is hardly surprising that “practical completion” is one of our most covered topics, with the common theme being the lack of clear definition of “practical completion”. The matter has come up again most recently in Mears Limited -v- Costplan Services (South East) Limited which related to the interaction between an Agreement for Lease and the certification of Practical Completion under a building contract.

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Construction & Engineering

Top cases for project managers, employer’s agents and contract administrators – Part 2

This month we will look again at negligent certification, as well as highlighting key cases relating to schedules of payments, how to determine whether or not the works are practically complete and the tortious duties on professionals when they step over the boundary of legal support and into the realms of giving legal advice.

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Data Trusts hold huge potential

Photo for Data Trusts hold huge potential

Top 200 law firm, BPE Solicitors spoke at a high-profile event at the Royal Society of Arts in London this week, where the findings of a major research programme into Data Trusts were unveiled.

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