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Can poor claimants bring weak Employment Tribunal claims without risking costs consequences due to their limited financial means?

Since July 2013, claimants have been required to pay a fee to bring a claim in the employment tribunal (ET), unless they were eligible for “remission” (i.e. a full or partial exemption from paying the ET fees) due to their financial means. Can a poorer claimant bring an unmeritorious claim without running any costs risk, as they have no means to pay any costs? A couple of recent ET cases have explored this question.

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What changes could we see in employment tribunals next year and beyond…?

Over the last few years, there have been a number of key changes in employment tribunal (ET) procedure. The most notable of these have probably been the introduction of ET fees (in July 2013) and the mandatory early conciliation process (in April/May 2014). More change is afoot with the recent announcement that ET decisions will be published on an online database from early 2017, and there is current consultation about further changes….

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