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Private Wealth

Signing a will – what’s involved?

There has been a case recently that called into closer scrutiny the process of signing a will – looking at what is required both from the testator (the person making the will) and from their witnesses. The legal requirements are not necessarily complicated but aren’t explained that clearly in the Wills Act of 1983.

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Construction & Engineering

ARTICLE UPDATED: LEGAL POSITION REVERSED - Nil by mouth - The enforceability of No Oral Modification clauses and what the MWB Business Exchange case means for construction

In July 2016, following a Court of Appeal Judgment I wrote an article reporting on the Court’s finding that anti-oral variation (or No Oral Modification) clauses were non-binding. On 16 May 2018, the Supreme Court over-turned the Court of Appeal decision, finding that No Oral Modification clauses are indeed binding.

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Discrimination arising from disability: employers will be in trouble if they don’t realise that conduct is caused by a disability

In this article Will Carter considers the recent court of appeal decision regarding the case of City of York Council v Grosset. This case discussed the question of whether a dismissal on the basis of gross misconduct can amount to unfavourable treatment when the act of gross misconduct occurred as a result of a disability even if the employer was not aware of any disability.

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