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Commercial Fraud

An allegation of fraud, no matter what the details, can dramatically impact a business of any kind. As professional commercial litigation solicitors, BPE have plenty of experience when it comes to representing clients who are facing these claims, and will work as tirelessly to protect you and your business.

Our professional team will look into the details of your individual case, representing both our client as an individual, as well as their business. If you are currently under investigation or facing prosecution, get in contact with us immediately for a consultation in confidence with one of our solicitors.


Commercial Fraud

There are many different definitions and circumstances that amount to business fraud legally, and these include everything from a director overstating company profits to procure investment, false accounting with the intention of misleading shareholders, failing to prevent tax evasion, and making a gain at the expense of another through a negligent and dishonest act. The experience of our lawyers will enable them establish whether or not your claim of commercial fraud (whether this has been made by you or against you) has the potential to be successful.

If a claimant for commercial fraud makes a successful claim, the court can be asked to do a number of things including awarding damages, enforcing the commercial understanding, rescind the contract if applicable, and finally order the return of property or assets on which the claim was made. At BPE, we understand the turmoil that a commercial fraud claim can cause for everyone involved, which is why we act with both professionalism and compassion when it comes to investigating your case. We understand that every individual circumstance is different, which is why we offer a consultation in confidence, where we can decide whether or not to pursue your claim. We can also answer any questions you may have regarding your current situation.

Whether you are facing or actioning legal proceedings, our commercial dispute solicitors will act with the utmost professionalism and provide the best advice to ensure that you get the outcome that you deserve. From conspiracy and defrauding creditors to misrepresentation, false accounting, investigating and insurance fraud, we’re fully equipped to deal with your claim in a way that is both professional as well as quick and efficient.

For advice and support for you and your business, contact a member of the BPE Commercial Litigation team.

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