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Contract Disputes

Contracts are hugely important to businesses however not fully understanding the terms of a contract you sign can have significant implications on both you and your business.  Missing crucial details could allow the other party to take advantage of the agreement or reduce their obligations to you.  The contract could also create unduly onerous terms or not provide for key elements of the agreement correctly. 

The Litigation team at BPE is highly experienced and able to advise on queries relating to contracts including terms which may have been broken or breaches of contract by you or the other party.  We can also advise whether your contract can be terminated and, if so, how to do this correctly.


Breach of Contract and Terms

Becoming involved in a contract dispute requires a specialist solicitor to ensure that the issue is resolved quickly and efficiently. Our commercial litigation solicitors have extensive experience when it comes to a breach of contract and terms, and aim to act fast before the situation escalates. A breach of contract can occur when one party fails in their obligation to uphold their end of an agreed contract, and if you have experienced this, you can hire  commercial dispute solicitors to look into your case. Breach of contracts can have a huge impact on everyone involved, so share the load today.

Termination of Contract

You may wish to get out of your current contract obligations or end a contract.

If so, you must do this lawfully, which is why our team of experts can help. At BPE, we can read over the contract in question and check the provisions for termination as well as spot any tricky clauses that might hinder the process. After looking over your contract, our team of experts can advise on how to protect your best interests, during the termination. You can terminate a contract for a number of different reasons, including by giving notice and termination at common law should a breach occur.

You may also wish to terminate a contract because a member of the other party has breached its conditions. This is not a simple process, but with the professional BPE team on hand, you can ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. The expert legal advice that our team of commercial litigation solicitors can provide can prevent any unnecessary complications and ensure that potential litigation is avoided. We are qualified to provide practical advice both to those who want to end a contract and also for those who are threatened with the cancellation of a contract against their will. We are trained to examine every termination clause within the contract, so we can offer the best possible advice for our clients. At BPE, our commercial dispute lawyers are well aware that every individual case is different, which is why we encourage you to get in touch today to discuss your own situation. Once we know the details of your claim, we can let you know whether or not we feel you have a case to pursue.

Some contracts allow a party to leave whatever the reason, should they give the required notice in advance. However, some contracts may not allow you to leave simply because your own business needs are no longer being met, which is when you may need help from  commercial dispute lawyers – who can help you understand the contract better.

Using a commercial dispute solicitor can help avoid the consequences of incorrect contract termination, which can get complicated quickly.  Contact us today for more information.

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