Alicia Stanford-Shard Solicitor, Property

I look forward to the challenges and development opportunities that I will be faced with as a newly qualified solicitor and it’s great to know that I have the support of the firm behind me.

I joined BPE upon qualifying as a Solicitor, having trained at another firm in Gloucestershire. I am part of the Commercial Property team where my workload consists of preparing sites that have been purchased with the intention of residential property development.

We have a bespoke case management system and each development site that I deal with has to be set-up on that system so that plot sales can proceed smoothly. I also review and draft infrastructure agreements and contracts relating to those sites and assist in the sale of residential freehold and leaseholds plots. I predominately work with housebuilders and retirement village developers and I enjoy working with new and existing clientele from BPE’s extensive portfolio of successful and developing businesses.

BPE’s open plan working environment enables all members of the firm to work together, learn from each other and as a team achieve its clients’ goals. I aim to be a ‘go to’ team member that clients or colleagues would not hesitate to approach with any problems they may have.

I enjoy long walks in the countryside with my Pomeranian and have a keen interest in fashion and clothing design.

Photo Of Alicia

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