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Competitors and competition

There's nothing wrong with healthy competition, but when it becomes targeted towards your business or is damaging your livelihood that's when we step in.


Protecting your business against ex staff members

There are a number of ways in which we can help your business protect its confidential information and trade secrets. These include working closely with our Commercial Department to draft appropriate and protective intellectual property clauses to go into employment contracts. They also include the drafting of appropriate restrictive covenants to go into an employment contract for when an employee starts employment and the enforcement of those restrictive covenants, if need be, when the employee's employment ends.

Taking action against an employee in breach of restrictive covenants

If an employee who has left your employment has inflicted damage on your business in breach of the restrictive covenants, you may well decide to take action against them to prevent any further damage occurring or to recover your losses to date.

The key to success in restrictive covenant cases is acting quickly and gathering as much information as possible about the breaches as you can. Even if you do not want to go to the cost and expense of Court proceedings, you may well be able to secure undertakings to prevent further damage and/or damages from the employee who has left you and possibly their new employer.

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