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Confidential Information & Trade Secrets

Trade secrets and confidential information need to be kept safe, from protection an idea or invention to non disclosure agreements, we are here to ensure your business is protected.

Protecting your confidential information and trade secrets

Protecting Confidential Information & Trade Secrets

There are a number of ways in which we can help your business protect its confidential information and trade secrets. These include working closely with our Commercial Department to draft appropriate and protective intellectual property clauses to go into employment contracts. They also include the drafting of appropriate restrictive covenants to go into an employment contract for when an employee starts employment and the enforcement of those restrictive covenants, if need be, when the employee's employment ends.

Protecting your idea or invention against unauthorised use

There are three main forms of protection for your ideas; 

  • Patents;
  • Designs; and
  • Copyright. 

Patents protect concepts, methods of manufacture and the way a product works. 

Design registration only protects the external appearance of a project. 

Copyright protects a piece of work, a piece of writing, photograph, music or a performance. 

You can protect an original idea by the law of confidence and there are other forms of intellectual property rights. We can talk you through the best form of protection for you, whatever you are working on and wherever you are located whether in the UK or overseas. 

Confidentiality and non disclosure agreements

Confidentiality agreements ensure that any sensitive business information is protected when dealing with another business. From agreeing terms with a distributor or wholesaler to dealing with investors, suppliers and manufacturers, a non disclosure or confidentiality agreement will give you the right to claim for breach of contract should any sensitive information be disclosed to a third party without your consent.

Our team take a 'can do' approach, offering practical support to help your business across every contract throughout a wide variety of situations.

Restrictive Covenants

Employers often choose to include restrictions within employment contracts to prevent previous employees using the knowledge gained whilst working for you. Sometimes restrictive convenants and non compete clauses cannot be imposed, so it's wise to check the restrictions in your contracts are legally compliant and enforceable, to ensure your business remains fully protected.

If you're unsure or would like us to check out your contracts, please get in touch.

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