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Industry Regulations

The world of business if full of industry regulations from the Equality Act, Advertising regulations to data protection and competition law. We deal with a wide range of regulatory matters and bodies and can review industry regulations and advise on the implications to your business.


National Agreements for Staff

The two main functions of a trade union are to represent their members and to negotiate their members' terms of employment with employers. In most cases employers and union representatives have a constructive relationship. There are also several advantages to negotiating national (or collective agreements) with Trade Unions such as the ability to negotiate with one body rather than dealing with large numbers of employees individually, improved staff morale and motivation as well as the support a trade union can offer in helping a business undergo significant change.

If you need support with dealing with a trade union or have an issue that has resulted in a dispute, we have a wealth of experience in handling all forms of trade union and collective labour issues.

A member of staff has health issues

Putting in place robust policies that explain what will happen if a member of staff is off work sick (both for short-term and long-term absence) can help you manage absence and reduce the impact on your business. We can help you put in place tailored absence policies.

Many absences will be a one-off, however, some absences will be more serious. They may be classed as a disability under the Equality Act 2010. If so, you will need to consider your additional responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010. This could include not treating your sick staff less favourably because of their disability or making adjustments to their role or workplace.

Dealing with disability discrimination is complicated. The penalties for falling foul of the Equality Act are significant, with potentially unlimited compensation. Early advice is essential to stop matters escalating.

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