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Day to Day Running of Your Business

We are always on hand to support you with business issues that may arise on a day to day basis. Whether you're having cash flow problems, staff issues or general business support, we are just a phone call away.

Business protection

Corporate Will

Our Corporate Will Service reviews your existing arrangements to see what protection you have in place and then reports back with any recommendations. We can do this for all owners of a business, although individual wishes will remain confidential. The Corporate Will ensures all owners have their affairs in order and there are no nasty surprises for the others in the event that someone dies unexpectedly, gets divorced or suffers an accident.

We look at: 

  • Existing Articles of Association and any Shareholder's Agreements 
  • Powers of attorney in relation to business and personal financial decision making in the event of incapacity 
  • General succession planning for the business 
  • Inheritance tax planning is crucial for business clients contemplating a sale of the business in the short to medium term but also important as part of general weatlh planning 
  • Insurance options to provide cash on the death of an owner to enable a buy back of shares 
  • Protection in respect of divorce or separation of an owner 
  • Making/updating Wills 
  • Review of property ownership 
  • Trusts & Pensions

Powers of Attorney if shareholders are out of action

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) isn't just something that needs to be thought about when you reach old age, but is important for business owners too. It means that if an owner becomes either physically or mentally incapacitated (even if temporarily), the attorneys named will be able to continue making businesss decisions on their behalf with no detriment to the business.

This forms part of the Corporate Will package that we offer to all busines owners.

Our Private Client team has a great deal of experience with business protection and can talk you throught all the options.

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