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Exiting Your Business

You may be selling your business ready for retirement, need support with bankruptcy proceedings or just want to change direction. We provide sound, sensible legal advice that's right for you and your business.

Intellectual Property

Online trading and website compliance

There's a number of legal implications to consider when setting up a website to promote your business or to sell products via an e-commerce site. Firstly making sure the business owns the domain name instead of an individual is important. If the individual leaves the business for any reason it could cause problems.

Ensuring you have registered trademark that corresponds to your domain name will ensure third parties cannot use a similar name and registering different version of your domain and gives you added protection.

We can help you with:

  • Website content - copyright issues
  • Disability Discrimination Compliance - your site must be user-friendly to those with visual impairment and other disabilities
  • Contracts - if you sell goods or services you must have an agreed set of Terms & Conditions
  • Display of Mandatory Information
  • Distance selling regulations
  • Privacy policy
  • Online advertising
  • Processing payments
  • Cookies
  • Cloud computing agreements
  • App agreements
  • Software licensing
  • IT support & maintenance agreements
  • Escrow services

Liaising with IP valuation consultants

Your company's IP is one of your most valuable assets. It could even be your most valuable asset when it comes to securing finance for growth, joint ventures or mergers and acquisitions. So how do you value your IP? We can help you source a well respected IP Valuation Consultant and make sure your best interests are being served throughout the whole process.

Maximising the value of your brand

Your brand is an extremely valuable asset. Our Commercial team can help you exploit your brand to its utmost potential by advising on all aspects of IPR including creation, ownership, registration, renewal, infringement, licensing and how to use/exploit it to further/develop the business.

IP audit

Being such an intangible concept, many businesses are not wholly aware of what IP they actually have to their name. As a result, IP can often be left unprotected and vulnerable, or opportunities to exploit IP can be left unexplored.

Should IP be valued and included in your company’s accounts, and are there tax credits to be claimed by virtue of R&D-based IP?

With an opportunity to come in and understand your business, we can undertake a full audit of both obvious and visible IP, such as patents and trade marks, together with the more subtle IP, such as copyright, know-how and confidential information, both with a view to identifying the assets your business has, and how best to ensure those assets are protected and exploited.

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