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Growing Your Business

Whether you're looking to sell online, need help with acquiring a new business, looking for larger premises or want support with recruitment or staff issues, our lawyers will give you commercially sound legal advice.

Growth Options

Selling online

If you've got to a point where you need to be providing an e-commerce solution to your customers, we can offer a range of services to support your business needs, from Software Licensing to Online trading terms and conditions.

Our expertise includes:

  • Drafting and negotiating cloud computing agreements for the provision of business critical hosted software.
  • Drafting app development agreements.
  • Help with Software Licensing if you are developing software or using another company's products.
  • Advice on IT Support and Maintenance agreements, making sure your business has strong and enforceable remedies if IT goes wrong.
  • Copyright advice, including how best to use tactics such as seeding, to protect the source and object code for a piece of software.
  • Escrow Services, whereby vital software your business uses is held securely by a third party, so if the licensor goes out of business you can obtain the source code and host the software yourself, guaranteeing continued use of the software
  • Advice on websites including privacy policies and trading terms.
  • Protection for your online presence, with online trading terms and conditions, covering, amongst other things, the new EU Cookies directive.

Expanding your workforce

As your business grows you may want to bring in new partners, colleagues, investors or even franchise your business.  Ensuring your Partnership, LLP Agreements, Consultancy or Franchise agreements are robust is essential.

Commercial agreements should be as individual as each business. BPE creates tailored business terms, agreements and contracts to fit your business and its needs. One size does not fit all, so we take time to ensure your business needs are at the heart of everything we draw up

License your brand and create additional revenue

Your brand is an extremely valuable asset. Our Commercial team can help you exploit your brand to its utmost potential by advising on all aspects of IPR including creation, ownership, registration, renewal, infringement, licensing and how to use/exploit it to further/develop the business.

Property Finance

We have substantial experience in dealing with all aspects of property finance, whether for one property or for portfolios. Added to this experience is the knowledge we have obtained from acting for banks in transactions which means we are aware of their requirements and methods, and so can be more pro-active and efficient when acting for your business.

We can help you with:

  • Funding - we know what funders are looking for
  • Security - we can arrange security reviews and implement new security across portfolios or for individual properties.

Buying or selling a business

From starting up and structuring a business, to development either through growth, joint ventures, buying and selling to floating on the stock market, and creating and implementing an exit plan, our corporate team understands your business needs at every stage.

Buying or selling a business can be a difficult, time consuming and stressful experience but this is what we do on a daily basis. We take the stress and emotion out of the process, allowing you to continue running your own business while we focus on the deal.

Whether you are an owner-managed businesses, an entrepreneur or a private or public company we will manage the deal and get it done within your timeframe.

Company restructure

If you're looking to re-structure your business to help with its growth, we can help you go from strength to strength:

Further investment - there are a number of options open to you, including bank lending, equity investment or public funding.

Employee and management incentivisation - we can advise on the full range of schemes available to keep key staff and maximise performance.

Raising finance - you can ask us to advise on the full range of options, including everything from institutional lending by private individuals.

Growing by acquisition and merger - you may be looking to purchase another company or business or merging with another business.

Banking and borrowing third party money - we can advise on the documents that sit behind loan agreements and structures, letting you know the security that needs to be in place.

Private equity investment - we can help you weigh up the pros and cons of ceding any equity in return for an investment

Debt or equity investment

If you are looking for debt or equity funding we can advise you on what protections funders will look for, how you can limit these and how you can avoid the pitfalls of your business not performing in the future as your funder expects.

Public Markets

Depending upon the size of your business or your strategy, floating your company on a stock exchange may be the right move. We can advise you on how to prepare for this and manage the process.

We have good contacts with investment houses and corporate brokers who you will need to bring on board. We help put clients on the Official List, AIM and ISDX as well as certain other markets or exchanges.

You may wish to get your business valued if you are bringing a partner on board to invest.

You may wish to get your business valued if you are thinking of selling, or bringing a partner on board to invest.

There are main ways of valuing a business and your accountant is the best person to approach here. BPE can of course introduce you to an appropriate valuer.

  • Cash flow based
  • Asset Based
  • Analysis of comparable companies

Cash flow based

This method uses your future expected revenues and costs to arrive at an expeced net profit. The forecast is run for a perioud of time, usually five years which calculates a terminal value. A discount is then applied which reflects the time value of money and risk factor. This is generally the best way to value a company, but it can also be the most complicated and prone to mistakes.

Asset based

This method values the assets of your business, including buildings, machines, products and raw materials. This is not always a suitable valuation method for small businesses as they may not have had time to build up an asset base.

Analysis of comparable companies

You can also try establishing a comparative value for your business. To do this, find a business which is rougly similar in size and service to yours that was recently sold and obtain the actual value of transaction.

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