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Starting Up

BPE has built a reputation for working with start up businesses and supporting them throughout their growth. From deciding whether to be a limited company or a sole trader to recruiting the right staff for your business and making sure your business is fully protected, we can help.

Funding requirements

Looking for funding?

Whether you're a sole trader, a partnership or limited company, if you're looking to borrow from a bank or third party lender, or change your lender or your existing facility, you need to make sure that the financial covenants, warranties or default notices don't catch you out.

Or are you looking for equity funding via private equity, crowd funding or public markets such as AIM or ISDX? We can advise you on what these funders are looking for, the process involved and how you can protect yourself if the funder loses interest or your business does not perform as well as they were expecting. 

We have a wealth of experience in all aspects of banking finance and funding transactions and can advise on the full range of financial transactions from corporate lending, private equity and public markets to restructuring and recovery.

Our clients range from national and international corporations, mid market and public sector organisations, investment houses and private individuals.

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