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Starting Up

BPE has built a reputation for working with start up businesses and supporting them throughout their growth. From deciding whether to be a limited company or a sole trader to recruiting the right staff for your business and making sure your business is fully protected, we can help.

Property Dispute

Dispute over building work

Every project is unique, and there are a myriad of reasons why a dispute might take place during building work or refurbishment. We know how to move a dispute forward to resolution. The three areas that most often lead to disputes are time, cost and quality. We identify the problems and quickly explain how we can help resolve them.

You can count on us to carry out professional negligence claims on your behalf. We have acted on both sides for the employer and contractor for matters such as scope, deleterious materials and adherence to specification.

If you are negotiating in a dispute, an independent professional mediator can help to break the stalemate. Mediation can be invaluable as it is subject to confidentiality and is a particularly cost-effective way of dealing with multi-party disputes. We are experts in unravelling the mindset of the other parties and have achieved a number of very successful high-profile cases.

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