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It’s not often that a piece of regulation affects everyone in business, but this one does. BPE recognise the importance of the GDPR, the first new data laws we’ve had for 20 years.

Our legal advice and training is pragmatic and commercially focused. We will always look to apply the law to specific practical situations wherever possible to help make subject matter understandable and digestible by non-legal professionals.

We work alongside our clients to formulate bespoke advice to fit their needs, as this makes sure we add the ultimate amount of value and knowledge for the time being given.

In terms of the services that BPE can offer, the list is relatively long. Whilst you’re perfectly entitled to ask for everything on the list, it will undoubtedly be a case of picking-and-choosing those areas that are most pressing and most fundamental to your business, and some of the challenges below are more urgent than others.

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