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Whether you're bringing in a new partner or investor, have problems with staff or looking to take on a distributor, we can provide you with the support you need for your business.

Consultants and advisors

Appointing or dismissing a sales agent or re seller

If your sales agent, distributor or reseller has breached the terms of their agreement, or maybe they have failed to fulfil their obligations or made misleading claims about your product or service, you may decide to terminate your agreement. If they have done something to damage your business you might be able to take action against any losses, or terminate the agreement without notice. Your original agreement should have specific terms for such a situation which may include an indemnity or compensation agreement. If a breach of contract has occurredthe relationship can be terminated without notice. We can walk you through any problems you may be having and advise on the best course of action.

We can also draft up any future agreements to ensure your business is protected from any similar problems.

Liaising with IP valuation consultants

Your company's IP is one of your most valuable assets. It could even be your most valuable asset when it comes to securing finance for growth, joint ventures or mergers and acquisitions. So how do you value your IP? We can help you source a well respected IP Valuation Consultant and make sure your best interests are being served throughout the whole process.

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