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Deceased landlord or tenant

What happens if my landlord dies?
If your landlord dies whilst you are living in their property, it does not automatically terminate your tenancy. Like your landlord's other assets, their property will become the responsbility of the executors of their will. Usually this will mean that at some point your landlord's beneficiaries will become your new landlord(s) and the tenancy will continue as normal, at least until it expires. In the unusual situation where there are no heirs, or traceable close relatives, the property will pass to the Crown as an ownerless property.

What happens if my tenant dies?
As with a landlord's death, if your tenant dies whilst living in your property, the tenancy does not automatically end. If the tenancy is in joint names, then the surviving tenant will acquire the deceased tenant's share, by what is known as the 'right of survivorship'. If there was only one tenant, then the type of tenancy will determine what happens next.

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