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Business Disputes

Whether you're facing a dispute with your employer, a problem with your business or something more personal, our lawyers and mediators are here to fight your corner.

Commercial Property

Lease Renewals and Terminations

Whether you are a tenant requesting a new lease or a landlord looking to terminate a lease for property redevelopment, we can provide full advice in relation to your position; serve any relevant notices; and represent you in any litigation, if necessary.

Dilapidations Dispute

When a lease comes to an end, there is often a disagreement between the landlord and tenant as to the extent of dilapidations payable. There is a dilapidations protocol that must be followed and damages must often be considered in relation to the value of the property. We work closely with your surveyor and will ensure that you are fully advised of your options.

Break Notices

An area that has often resulted in litigation, break notices have to be well considered to ensure that they take effect as planned, we can prepare and serve the notices on your behalf. We will also advise you of the steps that you need to take to ensure compliance with all break conditions.

Rent Arrears

If you are a landlord dealing with a problem tenant we can assist with advice on your position and the options available to you. This may include debt recovery action; commercial rent arrears recovery (commonly known as “CRAR”); winding up of a company; and, forfeiture. Equally, if you are a tenant being threatened with any of the above actions then we can advise you in relation to the strength of your position.

Other Breaches of Lease Covenant

Landlords and tenants can sometimes disagree on whether there is a breach of covenant and how to remedy any breach. We are able to advise either Landlord or tenant on all aspects of these disputes and provide practical and commercial solutions.

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