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Business Disputes

Whether you're facing a dispute with your employer, a problem with your business or something more personal, our lawyers and mediators are here to fight your corner.


Dealing with agency, distributor, reseller or franchising disputes

Our legal team regularly advises clients on franchise management processes, dealing with poorly performing or disgruntled franchisees as well as all aspects of franchise network protection.  We also support clients with matters relating to agency, distributors and resellers, whether it be via drafting robust terms and conditions or handling a dispute. 

Commercial Agency Disputes

Any person that is classed as a commercial agent under the Commercial Agents (Council Directive) Regulations 1993 is bound by the legislation that governs them.

This includes legislation surrounding agency relationships, responsibilities, agent remuneration and termination periods. If you are looking to end an agency agreement, or having your agreement terminated and are in dispute, we can give you sound, legal advice.

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