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Exploiting your IP

We help you make the most of your Intellectual Property from advising on all aspects from trade mark and domain name registration, brand management to international protection and IP litigation.


Collaborative and framework agreements

Collaborative Agreement

A collaborative agreement documents the terms and conditions of a project between two or more parties or companies. Each company may contribute different aspects to the agreement, such as intellectual property, product development and resources.

Framework Agreements

A framework agreement is an 'umbrella agreement' that sets out the terms under which individual contract can be made through the period of the agreement. The terms can relate to price, quality and quanitity and the maxiumum period of the agreement is normally 4 years.

IP licensing

We work with a wide range of clients, from start ups to high profile brands, advising on all aspects from trade mark and domain name registration, brand management to international protection and IP litigation.

With wide-ranging global expertise, our team can support you with business issues arising both in the UK and overseas whether commercial challenges or those posed by infringers and counterfeit products.

Your brand is your business and so a very precious commodity. Once you've decided upon a name for your business it's important to check that you're not inadvertently copying someone else's name, and then trademarking it.

The best way to avoid infringing on someone's trademark rights is to research, research, and more research. Some new businesses don't undertake a trademark search thinking that owning a company name or domain name registration is enough. Unfortunately, you usually find out that you're infringing someone else's trademark, after you've spent considerable time and money on branding, marketing and building up your reputation.

We can help. From patents to trademarks, copyright infringement to IP litigation, our wide-ranging global expertise means your brand is in safe hands.

Liaising with IP valuation consultants

Your company's IP is one of your most valuable assets. It could even be your most valuable asset when it comes to securing finance for growth, joint ventures or mergers and acquisitions. So how do you value your IP? We can help you source a well respected IP Valuation Consultant and make sure your best interests are being served throughout the whole process.

R&D Tax Credits and Patent Box Scheme

Your business could be eligible for R&D Relief and a reduction of Corporation tax via the Patent Box scheme if it meets the right criteria. The Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Scheme was introduced in 2013 and gives businesses taxable credit relief dependant upon the amount of R&D expeniture. Your company must have an annual turnover not exceeding 100 million euros and fewer than 500 employees.

To qualify for the Patent Box scheme, and the reduced rate of 10% Corporation Tax, your company must make a profit from exploiting patented inventions and must own, or exclusively license-in the patents.

We can liaise with your accountants to ensure you receive the full benefits you are entitled to.

IP audit and review

Being such an intangible concept, many businesses are not wholly aware of what IP they actually have to their name. As a result, IP can often be left unprotected and vulnerable, or opportunities to exploit IP can be left unexplored.

Should IP be valued and included in your company’s accounts, and are there tax credits to be claimed by virtue of R&D-based IP?

With an opportunity to come in and understand your business, we can undertake a full audit of both obvious and visible IP, such as patents and trade marks, together with the more subtle IP, such as copyright, know-how and confidential information, both with a view to identifying the assets your business has, and how best to ensure those assets are protected and exploited.

Licensing your brand

Your brand is an extremely valuable asset. Our Commercial team can help you exploit your brand to its utmost potential by advising on all aspects of IPR including creation, ownership, registration, renewal, infringement, licensing and how to use/exploit it to further/develop the business.

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