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IPR Border Control & Customs

IPR with border control & customs

Our solicitors are able to deploy quick anti-counterfeiting measures to prevent the introduction of infringing and counterfeit products from entering into your territory, the UK and even the EU.

We also have the experience and contacts with HM Customs and Revenue's Intellectual Property Authorisation Unit to cease and destroy products as they arrive into UK and EU ports/customs. We have litigators who can apply for an emergency order for an injunction, search order, freezing order or delivery up of products. Our specialist Intellectual Property Solicitors are able to advance and invoke both the civil and criminal sanctions for infringement of intellectual property rights that counterfeiting involves. Legislation includes, but not limited to, the Trade Mark Act 1994, Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, The Olympic Symbol Protection Act 1995, Goods Infringing Intellectual Property Rights (Customs) Regulations 2004 and the Counterfeit and Commission Regulation (EC) No 1172/2007.

Comprehensive and working knowledge of these legislations is key to providing our clients with accurate and focused advice every time.


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