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Managing your portfolio

Your rights as a Landlord

As a Landlord with a commercial tenant who is struggling, you may be concerned about the affect on your property and a potential loss of rental income.

Our Property team can advise on your rights in relation to forfeiture, Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR), court proceedings, enforcement of security (for rent deposits and guarantees) and exercising contractual breaks.

Your rights as a Tenant

As a Tenant of a commercial property, if your business if struggling you may be worried about how to deal with and approach your Landlord.

Whilst some breathing space has been provided during the coronavirus pandemic in relation to forfeiture of leases, you may want to consider reviewing your property needs.

Our specialist lawyers can advise on break rights, dilapidations, group restructuring/assignment and drafting express surrender, variation and ancillary side letter agreements.

Rights for Lenders

Our Property team can advise on step in rights and exercising powers of sale.

Acquisition and disposal of property

Your property portfolio is a key aspect to consider if you are looking to restructure your business. Whether you are looking to acquire new premises or downsize your existing portfolio, our property experts can advise on how these sales or acquisitions could support your ongoing business strategy.

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