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Policies and procedures

Remote working

Statistics from the ONS showed that in April 2020, 46.6% of people in employment did some form of work from home, 86% of this as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. This rapid and significant shift in working patterns has opened up the opportunity of working more flexibly with many businesses reconsidering how they operate going forwards.

It is crucial to consider how remote working can affect both employees and the business itself. BPE's Employment team can advise on all issues relating to remote working including appropriate policies, discrimination as not all roles may be suitable for remote working and ensuring that home office spaces are suitable for work i.e. equipment, ergomonics etc

Mental Health

Mental Health in the workplace has become an increasingly important and discussed issue and even more so over the past year. With employees thrust into a home working environment and juggling work commitments with home schooling, caring for relatives and the isolation that social distancing and lockdown has brought, the mental health of your employees has never been more under scrutiny.

Our team regularly speak on the issues surround mental health in the work place and can work with you to devise policies, procedures and support mechanisms to support your employees.

Changing terms of employment

Should your business be looking to restructure it might be necessary to consider changing terms of employment to reflect the new structure. This could include temporary changes such as short term pay reduction or changes to terms such as holidays in order to support a business through a difficult period through to longer term changes should a full restructure take place.

The Employment team can advise on changing T&Cs to ensure that both the business and the employees are protected.

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