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Reorganising and restructuring

Corporate restructuring

A restructure of a group of companies may be carried out for a variety of reasons, including protecting key assets, securing tax and accounting advantages, improving access to finance, preparing for a business or company sale or acquisition, or rationalising the group and removing any dormant entities.

Our Corporate Team provides expert advice on all aspects of a corporate restructuring, including intra-group reorganisations, hive up and hive down arrangements, share buy backs, capital reductions and the sale or demerger of business divisions.


As businesses juggle demands on their cashflow and finances become tight, refinancing existing finance facilities may become a sensible and necessary option.  We advise companies and banks on their options, including debt for equity swaps and restructurings of existing facilities.

Sale or demerger

If your business is struggling under its current model, you might want to consider a full or partial sale of elements of the business in order to create a structure which is more viable in the long-term.

A demerger of part of the business is another option which might be available to you and our Corporate team can advise you on this to help you achieve a structure which supports your business objectives.

Directors' duties and liabilities

When a company is in financial difficulties it can be a stressful time for directors as they balance their duties as a company director with the risk of personal liability if things go wrong. 

We help directors understand their responsibilities and obligations and advise on minimising risk to the directors personally and to their companies.  We work with individual directors and boards of directors, providing support and expert advice to help them make the right decisions in difficult circumstances.

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