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Contested Trusts and Estates

We advise in respect of a broad range of disputes relating to wills, the administration of estates and a wide range of issues surrounding trusts.

Claims Against the Estate

As we all live longer, more and more people find themselves in a position where they lose the ability to manage their own financial affairs or to make decisions regarding their medical needs or social care. In many cases, the individual who has now lost that ability will have appointed someone to act as their attorney by completing a Lasting Power of Attorney and registering it with the Office of the Public Guardian, enabling the attorney to make such decisions on their behalf.

Sadly, disputes sometimes arise about the way in which the attorney is managing someone’s financial affairs or the decisions they are making about health and welfare. You may have such concerns as a friend or relative, or may be an attorney yourself whose decisions are being challenged. 

Again, BPE’s experienced lawyers will be able to advise you about the best way to navigate through these issues.

Our contested trusts and probate team is led by Philip Radford. To view Philip's profile, click here.

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