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Contested Trusts and Estates

We advise in respect of a broad range of disputes relating to wills, the administration of estates and a wide range of issues surrounding trusts.

Disputes Against Writing of a Will

Bereavement is extremely distressing, but can be made all the worse when a dispute arises in relation to a will, or because no will exists.

It may be that there are concerns about whether a will has been properly prepared, or you may be disappointed because you did not receive what you had expected to.

Perhaps you are an executor of a will, and someone else is contesting it and you are unsure what to do? Or you are a beneficiary who has concerns about how an executor is handling matters?

At BPE, we can advise you about any of these issues. We appreciate the sensitive nature of these disputes which are often between family members. We shall work with you to try and resolve your dispute without the need to become involved in court proceedings wherever possible, through pro-active negotiations or mediation.

When disputes of this nature arise, it is important that you receive proper advice from an expert. BPE is fortunate to have among its team one of fewer than 600 lawyers nationwide who is a member of the Association of Contentious Trust and Probate Specialists (ACTAPS), an organisation which acknowledges expertise in this area of law.

We also have a range of potential funding options which we would be happy to discuss with you, tailored to your particular circumstances.

Our contested trusts and probate team is led by Philip Radford. To view Philip’s profile, click here.

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