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Employment Law

Our employment team can help with a whole range of legal and HR issues, ranging from advice on recruitment, drafting employment contracts and supporting you through employment tribunals to trade union disputes, restructuring and redundancy.

Disputes with your employer

Negotiating an exit with your employer

If there has been no wrongdoing on the part of your employer, it may well be that if you want to leave their employment you simply give the required notice under your contract of employment and leave. If however you believe that you have been wronged in any way, we can advise you on how best to tackle your exit from the business which may include additional compensation for the treatment you have received.  

For example, it may be that your employer has discriminated against you because of your race or sex in relation to internal promotions. In this case, it may well be that your employer would rather negotiate an enhanced severance package with you rather than defend Tribunal proceedings.  

If you believe you are in this situation, we strongly recommend that you speak to us as soon as possible so that we can try and negotiate the best exit for you.  

How do I handle a dispute with my employer?

If you have tried to resolve a dispute with your employer informally and this didn't work, you should think about a more formal route.

Your employer should have a formal procedure for grievances which you should be able to obtain. You'll need to let your employer know about the grievance in writing. A meeting should then be agreed to discuss any problems. You would be allowed to bring someone with you to this meeting, after which any appropriate action should be decided. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you should be allowed to appeal.

If you are having difficulties with a dispute at work and need some advice, please get in touch.

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