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Personal Disputes

Legal issues surrounding any personal dispute will always have additional stresses and issues. Our private client and family teams understand the sensitive nature of family proceedings and the long term impact and issues that can surround them.


Contesting/Defending a Will

Contesting a Will
If you have recently lost someone close to you, the last thing you need is for someone to contest the deceased's Will. If you are the executor of the estate, you will be responsible for dealing with any challenges. It's important to try to settle the Will fairly but at the same time uphold the spirit of the Will.

We have a great deal of experience helping clients overcome contested Wills. We understand the sensitive nature of situations like this and are perfectly positioned to see the case from your side, as well as from the claimant's point of view.

Defending a Will
If you are in the situation of someone challenging your inheritance, it's important that you seek legal advice from the beginning. Our legal team can help to determine that the Will is valid by establishing it was executed properly and reflects the deceased's true wishes, the exectors or trustees behaved appropriately and that the deceased was in sound mind at the time he/she signed the Will.

Contesting/Defending Power of Attorney

If you have an elderly relative who has tendered powers of attorney to someone outside of the family and have concerns, or you feel that someone is abusing their powers and not acting in their best interests, we can help. Alternatively, if you have been given Powers of Attorney and someone is trying to relinquish you of your responsibilities, please get in touch.

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