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Residential Property

From buying or selling your home to investing in rental property, remortgaging, buying land for development or building a property portfolio, our specialist team of lawyers can give offer advice and guidance every step of the way.

Finance and Protection

Protecting your financial contribution

If you're buying a property jointly with someone else but each of you is contributing different amounts, it's worth drawing up a Declaration of Trust. This is a legal document which details how the proceeds of any future sale should be divided. This safeguards both parties interests. If you have already bought a property, a Declaration of Trust can still be prepared provided that your co-owner agrees. 

Declaration of trust & property ownership

If you're buying a property jointly with another person, a Declaration of Trust can be used to define each person's contribution to the purchase price along with any additional costs and future contributions to the property. This can be really useful where people have contributed unequally to the purchase price or if one has paid the deposit.

The Declaration of Trust sets out in clear terms your share in property and the entitlement each person has should the property be sold.

Do you offer a fixed fee service?

Our Residential team provides a no-nonsense, straight forward, efficient service, supporting you to move home or buy an investment property as quickly as possible.  

We offer fair, fixed fees, direct telephone access to your lawyer, a friendly service and regular updates with no sign of a call centre anywhere in sight. 

I am building my own property, can you help?

Self build projects can be a little more complicated than a normal house purchase, so it's useful to use a solicitor with experience in this field. 

We have the experience and relevant skills across the practice to be able to advise you throughout the self build process. 

Our legal experts are also very experienced in dealing with lenders' requirements in this area.

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