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Competitors & Competition

From making sure you don't fall foul of competition law to protecting your business against parallel imports and IP infringement. We keep your business safe, helping you to operate more effectively, focusing on your business rather than the law.

Competition Law

Avoiding any risk of becoming a cartel

Any size business needs to be aware of competition law as failure to comply can have serious consequences.  Firms showing anti-competitive behaviour risk being fined up to 10% of global turnover as well as exposing themselves to possible damages litigation. Individuals could also be disqualified from being a Director and even face criminal charges. Cartel behaviour is the most serious form of anti-competitive behaviour and carries the highest penalties.

Our Commercial legal team can walk you through all aspects of Competition Law and make sure your business is compliant.

Comparative advertising, how far can you go?

Comparative advertising, where you name a trademarked, branded competitor, is an area full of legal pitfalls. If you are considering such an approach, we can ensure the Ad is not misleading, meets the conditions set out in the Misleading and Comparative Advertising Directive and does not discredit the trademarks, trade names and any other distinguishing marks of your competitor. 

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