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International Trade

We work with businesses in every continent and can help you make the most of any international trading opportunity.

International suppliers

Working with international suppliers

We work with businesses in every continent, helping them comply with their own national laws and the laws applying in the territories where their suppliers and customers are based. Understanding the local culture is as important as knowing the local law.  We can help you make the most of any trading opportunity.

Anti-bribery & corruption laws

It is illegal to offer, promise, give, request, agree, receive or accept bribes. You should put in place an anti bribery policy if someone within your business could be exposed to or at risk of being bribed. The policy should include the business's approach to reducing and controlling the risks of bribery, rules about accepting gifts, hospitality and donations, guidance on how to conduct business negotiations an rules on avoiding or stopping conflicts of interest. We have a great deal of experience in supporting companies write and enforce anti bribery policies and would be happy to talk you through the options.

Resolving disputes with international suppliers

When writing your international terms of business, we ensure contracts adhere to both UK and foreign law.  We also write into the contracts which is the best route to take should any dispute occur.  Depending upon the dispute, we will determine whether mediation, resolution or court action is the best path and write that into your terms ensuring your company is best protected.

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