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We have a reputation for being straightforward, fast thinking and practical. We don't sit on the fence, giving honest and practical advice and working hard to get the job done. We're easy to work with and our number one priority is to deliver cost effective, timely, legal expertise to all our clients.

Whether we're advising a UK Government agency on the procurement of cutting-edge research facilities, a leisure sector client on a rapid roll out expansion programme, GPs on building their own surgery or nationally renowned contractors on achieving an acceptable risk profile whilst still winning the work, we advise on what's important to you and only give viable options that we know will work.

Our clients are dynamic and entrepreneurial, and we respond by advising on the best strategies available so they can grow their business. We help clients de-risk projects, whether it's building a solar field, refurbishing leasehold commercial premises or commissioning a new building. Time, cost and quality are the three main drivers of any project and we work hard to deliver on all three.

We offer flexible charging structures; time, fixed fee, capped fee or contingent and can encompass wider packages such as our much valued in-house training programme or rescue helpline.

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