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Charity Law

The internal structure of a charity may look similar to other businesses, but the legal structure will be completely different. The governing documents of a charity are wholly different to any other form of organisation, and the charity will be run by a board of trustees who owe obligations to the Charities Commission and the charity members.

Every charity has to demonstrate that they provide a benefit to the public. It will also have to meet fundraising regulations, as well as ensuring that any activities it is involved with fall within the scope of the charity's objectives. We can help you make sure your charity meets all of its legal obligations.

We have generated our experience in the charitable sector from a number of different angles. Not only do we act for a number of charities (from local start-up charities to high profile Third Sector organisations), but we have considerable experience in advising the charitable arm of corporate organisations and businesses whose sole or main clientele are charities. Working on both sides of the “charitable fence” is invaluable and gives us a greater understanding of the needs of charities and the businesses with which they work.

The firm is able to assist right from the beginning of a charity’s “life cycle” (advising on the setting up and registration of new charitable organisations) onward.

We understand that the needs of a charity are often very different to those of other organisations. We advise our charity clients on a business level, but with a real understanding that such organisations have an additional duty to comply with charity legislation. We therefore offer Third Sector businesses the ‘complete package’, which includes advising on employment law, property law, commercial law (such as intellectual property and commercial contracts, sponsorship agreements and trading terms and conditions) and trusts, with a strong appreciation of charity law.

A number of our staff are trustees of various charities and we carry out a number of CSR activities, such as our South Africa project, supporting the Footprints Foundation, and fundraising for the firm’s chosen annual charity.

Our Charity team consists of solicitors from across the firm. They are Iain Garfield, Doris WooSarah Lee, Peter Tyrrell and Georgiana Applegate.

To contact the charity team, please call 01242 224433 or email.



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