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There are many forms of partnership but in all cases, if you’re in partnership and operating without a partnership agreement, you may be putting your business at risk. We can help you draw up an agreement, no matter what line of business you work in:

  • Partnerships – governed by an act of Parliament that is over 120 years old, these types of partnership are most exposed to risk and require a comprehensive partnership agreement to protect the partners.
  • Limited Liability Partnerships - we can advise on the structure that best suits your business and help you put an agreement in place that allows the partners to effectively run the business.
  • Conversion to LLP Status - this can bring tax benefits as well as limited liability for partners. We can work closely with our property and employment teams, making sure your freehold and leasehold assets are properly dealt with, and that your employees' contracts are transferred to the new LLP.
  • Limited Partnerships - these are relatively uncommon but are used by investors who don't want to play an active part in the management of their investment. Thanks to our expertise in the financial investment sector, we know how to draft and manage an agreement for you.
  • Partnership Disputes - our team will help to resolve any dispute quickly, cost-effectively and amicably.

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