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The early stage business

Every business has a life cycle. At every stage of the way there are some functions to consider and prepare for. We can help with early business stages, including:

  • Setting up the business - from incorporating a Limited Company to an LLP or partnership, we can draft the agreements and documents to get you established.
  • Governing document and shareholder/ownership structures - we can help you draft the documents that set out who owns what part of the business and who has what powers, dealing with everything from new articles of association to investment agreements.
  • Directors’ duties - we can advise you on the fiduciary and statutory duties that govern the conduct of directors and other key partners.
  • Form and running your business - you can look to us for advice on general documentation or services needed as your business changes.
  • Company secretarial services - we can take care of everything, from keeping your statutory book up to date, to carrying out the duties applicable to a company secretary.
  • Corporate compliance and advisory - it’s vital that you adhere to the regulations concerning your business. We can advise on the standards you need to meet, and how to achieve compliance.

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