Lender Services

We can help you recover your losses following the repossession and sale of a property.

We act on the sale of residential properties that have been repossessed by lender institutions. We deal with all conveyancing aspects of those repossession sales through to exchange and completion. Where surplus funds arise following completion of a sale, we then deal with the distribution of those funds.

We work closely with lenders and asset managers to provide training sessions and workshops and provide a commercial approach that is always in the spirit of a lender's TCF policy.

Lenders can also incur considerable losses following repossession and sale of mortgaged properties. These losses aren’t always down to the decline in the property market, and some of them may be recoverable from other professionals involved. Examples include inflated valuations, property title problems leading to lower resale values, undisclosed discounts on purchases, undisclosed sales of properties within six months of lending or fraudulent activity that the conveyancing solicitor should have let you know about. If any of these situations happens to you, we can help you take proceedings to recover your losses. For further information in relation to this service please follow this link to the commercial litigation team.  

Further, we will investigate the borrower's position to establish whether any funds can be recovered through this avenue. If necessary, we can take Court proceedings for you to ensure your debt is recovered or secured against another property, if available.